Collection: Resin Beads

From our extensive range of Javanese resin beads, we have put together nine different colour packages to suit individual tastes.

The selection we have are sized between 8mm and 60mm, contain all shapes and sizes and contain all the colours of the rainbow and more – including: yellow, white, tangerine, red, purple, pink, orange, navy, lime, lilac, lemon, forest, charcoal, brown, blue, blood, black, autumn, aqua, topaz, grey, green, and teal.

The pieces allow for optimum creativity and temper exciting prospects – ideal for bead curtains and suncatchers and perfect ingredients for necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

The process involved in making these beads is quite interesting.

The four main ingredients are: an epoxy liquid resin and hardener, a liquid or powder dye solution and a resin casting mould. (Resin dyes are available in transparent or opaque pigments).

Simply, the dye solution is mixed in with a quantity of liquid resin, which is then coupled with an epoxy hardening agent and stirred until the liquid is bubble free.

Attention to accuracy is essential at this point; too much of either resin or hardener will alter the chemical balance –which results in the mixture not curing properly. Once everything has been prepared and mixed thoroughly, the solution is poured into the moulds of choice. Some resin will cure quite quickly, while others will take a few hours.

Once set, holes are manually drilled, and the beads sanded and filed.

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