Collection: Turkoman Ethnic Beads

The Beads are Often Used as Currency When Trading for Goods

Handmade Turkoman beads provide lots of potential for creativity for those artisans with a bent for creating ethnic style jewellery.

These hand-beaten white metal beads are generally adorned with intricate circular silver wire whipped filigree frames which are then filled with a semi-precious coloured stone enamel (to resemble gemstones).

The beads are distinctly Middle Eastern.

Tribal and ethnic in every sense, the predominantly metal beads have been crafted by the nomadic Turkoman people – an ethnic group native to Central Asia and living mainly in Turkmenistan and the north eastern regions of Afghanistan and Iran.

And there’s no doubt they can be utilised in creating amazing Middle Eastern-inspired statement jewellery pieces including earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets.

They are hollow, crude in texture and each bead is individually crafted in the Turkoman style.

The beads are often used as currency when trading for goods.

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