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138pcs - 300g - 12mm Glazed Round Glass All Colour Bead Collection [IN-40]

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There’s nothing quite like having a good selection of beads at your fingertips when designing your jewellery.

Here we are offering a multicoloured collection of approximately 138 glazed round glass beads from India – that would make a healthy addition to any bead collection.

Plenty to choose from, these beads will add attractive elements to all types of jewellery creations.

Perfect for bangles and bracelets, ideal earring ingredients, this collection would enhance a lovely necklace too.

The beads in this collection weigh 300 grams, measure 12mm each, and all come with a 1-1.5mm threading hole.

Mixed colours include lime, purple, red, navy, orange, topaz, yellow, mustard, blue, violet, fuchsia, ruby, magenta, red, topaz, forest green, and among others, charcoal.  

Over the years, Indian bead makers have perfected their bead-making skills, and today, India is one of the largest bead producers in the world - with the majority of beads being produced in Varanasi – located in the northeast of the sub-continent.

Ranging from hand-carved wooden beads to tiny glass seeds, the traditional beads found in India cover a wide range of styles, materials, and treatment processes.

The beads made in Varanasi are exported in huge quantities throughout the world.

The accompanying photos illustrate what to expect in your order; images may have been enlarged to show detail, while colours may vary slightly due to lighting variants.