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1550pcs+ Fine Semi-Precious Stone Strands – Lapis, Jade, & Blackstone [SPS-5]

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This collection of 10 strands of unpolished semi-precious stone beads is a must-have for serious beaders – and perfect to use in ethnic-style tribal jewellery – inspired by the nomadic people of the Middle East.  

This rare and collectible collection comprises green Jade, vivid blue Lapis Lazuli, and jet-black Blackstone each strand measuring between 14-16 inches in length.    

More than 1550 individual beads – each piece different from the other, make up this extraordinary blend of tube-shaped rocailles.

Just imagine two strands of A-Grade Lapis Lazuli from deposits throughout Afghanistan - a prized semi-precious stone since antiquity – partly because of its natural beauty, its ‘intense blue colour, and tiny gold pyrite flecks sprinkled throughout, plus its use in art and jewellery – but also for its metaphysical healing properties. 

Since time immemorial, Lapis Lazuli has been regarded as a highly spiritual stone, believed to balance energy within the body – in particular, the throat, crown, and brow chakras.

One strand of fine tube-shaped green Jade beads – processed in Afghanistan but unearthed in the Himalayan region of Henan in northern China. Jade has often been referred to as the ‘Imperial Gem’ throughout the far east, and because of the stone’s reverence in Asia throughout the centuries, Jade has been used, not only to create many “utilitarian and ceremonial objects, from indoor decorative items to jade burial suits”, it has been used to create some of the finest jewellery. 

Also included in the collection, are one strand of delicious coral from the waters of the Mediterranean, two strands of Jasper, and three strands of Blackstone from northern Afghanistan.

The entire collection will provide exciting jewellery prospects – and are the ideal ingredients to make look-again necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

The collection weighs in at 50 grams. Please bear in mind the accompanying photos have been enlarged to show greater detail.