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5pcs - 30mm Green Abalone Shell Plates [PS-19]

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Green AbaloneYou Cant Go Wrong ...

Have comes the fun with these circular Green Abalone Shell Plates.

You are only limited only by your imagination, great earrings, key rings, or necklaces are often made using pieces such as these.

These pieces represent a small part of our extensive range of West Australian shell and bead products.


Our pearl shell pendant collection contains several hundred designed cut shapes including name tags, plates, machetes, hearts, yokes, ovals, drops, rings, donuts, shields, buttons, and quirky-looking shards – all utilising shell treasures from the ocean such as pink or green lip mussels, abalone, trochus, paua, cowrie and mother of pearl.


Colours for the above include white, pink, black, brown, green, gold, and grey.


All those shapes have been individually hand-cut - utilising the food from the ocean such as Mother of Pearl Shell, Abalone, Green Abalone, Trochus, Cowrie Shell, Mother of Pearl Shell, MOP, White, Gold, Pink, Brown, Black, Pau Shell, Green, and Pink Lip Mussel Shell.

The pieces allow for optimum creativity and temper exciting jewellery-making prospects.

They will also provide the astute beader and artisan the perfect opportunity to create on an unparalleled scale.

The accompanying photos illustrate what to expect in your order. But please be mindful that occasionally there may be some minor variations depending on availability.


Larger discounted quantities are available on request, while stocks last.