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200g – Eight Colours – ‘Aurora Borealis AB’ Czech Glass Size 8/0 Seed Bead Collection [SB8-H]

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200 grams equals approximatel8,400 seed beads

An eight-colour collection of Size 8/0 Czechoslovakian aurora borealis AB glass seed beads bound to stir the imagination in creating all things bright and beautiful – as far as jewellery is concerned.

The beads measure 2mm across and each colour is packaged separately.

Also referred to as glass rocailles (French for ‘little stones’) these seed beads belong in your bead box collection because they will enhance all kinds of jewellery making projects.

They are definitely the bread and butter ingredients for all kinds of jewellery construction and wildly used in embroidery work.

This collection would make a healthy addition to your bead collection, and a must have to embellish and add sensational dimensions to your creativity.

Only limited by your imagination, wonderful jewellery items such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings can be created; or the beads can be embroidered onto pieces of fabric or used to dress up a fashionable piece of clothing.  

The eight colours and their respective quantities in this collection are: grey AB (40g), pale blue (30g), Blue AB (20), topaz AB (30g), blue turquoise AB (20g), burgundy (20g), pale topaz  (20g), light amethyst (20g), while other finishes in the Size 5 seed bead range include iridescent, metallic, iris, opaque, matt, lustre, pearl and satin.

These tiny glass seeds which originated in Europe thousands of years ago, come with a generous 1.2mm hole capable of accommodating a multitude of threading materials including tigertail, craftline, leather, cotton bead thread or plain old fishing line.

In recent times seed beads are now being manufactured in India, Japan, China and Taiwan, however, the quality, the finish and the colours are inferior compared to their European counterparts (with the exception of Japan who, not unlike the beadmakers of Czechoslovakia, have been able to master the essential manufacturing skills required to manufacture these perfect ‘little stones’.

The accompanying photos illustrate what to expect in your order. Please also be aware, that the beads have been enlarged to illustrate detail.

Larger discounted quantities available on request, while stocks last.