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40” – 9mm Knotted Rudraksha Mala Strands – 108 Hindu Prayer Beads [RAD-1]

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And now for something a little different.

You can either do nothing – but wear this 108-bead natural Rudraksha strand as a spiritual necklace, or you can break it up and use the individual prayer beads to create stylish ethnic or tribal-like statement jewellery.

The possibilities are endless – exciting - the choice is yours to make.  

The beads in this particular strand are rusty brown, 40 inches in length, and contain 108 beads (the traditional number for malas) that are 9mm each in diameter.

Rudraksha beads are the dried stones (pips if you prefer) of the blue-coloured inedible fruit of huge Elaeocarpus Ganitrus trees, which are found in several Asian countries, including Nepal, India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

The dried stones are highly revered and specifically used as prayer beads by people of the Hindu faith as well as by Sikhs and Buddhists.

This mala strand weighs 40 grams, while the stones cost $0.14 each.

As legend has suggested, the Rudraksha stones are often referred to as the Tears of Lord Shiva.