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40pcs – 30mm ‘Love Hearts’ – Large Black Indian Glass Beads

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If you’re looking for large, black, and chunky glass statement beads – read on.

This collection contains at least 40 pieces of our ‘Love Hearts’ – big, black, bold, beautiful Indian glass beads measuring 30mm – and could provide the perfect ingredients for creating a substantial piece of jewellery or a contrasting component in an eye-catching bead curtain.

They could also be used as an exciting new canvas for paintbrush artists – using either acrylic or oil paint to dress up the beads.

Each bead has a large 1.5mm-3mm centre-drill hole which makes them suitable for most threading materials such as leather, tigertail, wire, or even fishing line. 

Our black ‘Love Hearts’ is part of a unique range of 14 bead shapes, including diamonds, hearts, slabs, beetles, gourds, cylinders, and tiles – which can also be found in this online shop.

In addition to all shapes being available singularly (up to 450 grams) they are also available in larger mixed quantities (1kg and 3kg)..

For beaders familiar with the Margaret River Beads range, this collection of unpainted jet black glass beads is identical in shape to their popular Indian cousins in the Silver Foil range.

The accompanying photos have been enlarged to illustrate detail and to illustrate what to expect in your order.