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41grams – Size 11 - 11 Colours - Japanese Miyuki Delica Beads Collection [D-1]

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11 packets of some of the world's finest beads ...

If you’re looking to work with some of the finest beads on the planet, you have come to the right place.

We have a number of packeted collections of Japanese Miyuki Delica beads that should appeal to beaders with a love for the peyote or cross stitch and who are bent on creating woven jewellery such as bracelets, embroidered bags and other projects that require an even, symmetrical look.

Delicas are highly suited for bead weaving projects on bead looms.

This particular collection comprises 11 colours in 11 packets, each weighing between 3-5 grams with approximately 600 beads per 3 grams.

The 11 packets are colour coded and come weighed in their packaging.

In this collection, the three gram package are coded: DBR 628, DBR 626, DBR 625, DBR 629, DBR 625, DBR 690, DBR 622, DBR 693. Five gram packets: gold SL, light green SL, crystal SL, blue SL.

Delica beads are a type of seed bead which are perfectly cylindrical, almost square in shape and come with an exceptionally large hole that can accommodate several strands of threading materials.

They are of the highest quality because they are made using precise, computer-controlled machinery.

This collection would make a healthy addition to your bead collection, and a must have to embellish and add sensational dimensions to your creativity.

Only limited by your imagination, wonderful jewellery items such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings can be created; or the beads can be embroidered onto pieces of fabric or used to dress up a fashionable piece of clothing.  

The accompanying photos illustrate what to expect in your order. Please also be aware, that the beads have been enlarged to illustrate detail.