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88pcs - 500g - 20-22mm Mixed 'Arctic' Flat Silver Foil Flowers and Coins [SFM-28]

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Seeing is believing; you have come to the right place if you’re looking for medium-sized colourful statement Indian silver foil beads.

This one we call our ‘Arctic blend – a collection that promotes the subtly of ‘colder’ colours which include pale blues, whites, silver grey, greens, and clear ice-coloured beads, all of which depict the temperatures of the chilly arctic regions.

The half-kilo mix comprises approximately 88 flat coin-shaped and flower-shaped beads and contains a healthy 2-3mm centre drill hole, capable of accommodating both thick and thin threading materials.

The beads in this collection work out to be $0.10 each and are frequently used for bead curtains and suncatchers, exquisite statement necklaces and bracelets plus many other jewellery-making items.

The accompanying photo illustrates what to expect in your order. But please be mindful that the image may have been enlarged to illustrate detail.

Larger discounted quantities are available on request, while stocks last.