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220pcs - 5-12mm - Assorted Jewellery Making Metal-Plated Bead Caps [F-14]

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This collection of assorted nickel, gold and silver metal-plated bead caps (not to be confused with bell caps) are often used to accentuate individual beads by placing them on either side to make them stand out.

Our collection contains both filigree and corrugated caps, some of which have been  designed to resemble a leaf. Some have four leaf prongs, while others as many as eight.

These brass caps all have a 1-1.5mm centre-drill hole to keep its placement centred.

Gather up a few of these bead caps to add to the growing findings collection in your bead box.

Works out that each cap costs around $0.054.

The accompanying photo illustrates what you can expect to receive in your order; however, be mindful that from time to time there may be some minor variations depending on availability.