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140pcs – 15-30mm - Round, Oval & Box End Jewellery Making Clasps [F-3]

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This collection of stylish nickel, gold and silver metal box clasps – ranging from 15mm to 30mm in length, can accommodate single, double or triple strands.

Box clasps come in three shapes and various sizes: round, oval and flat square (or rectangular) and are generally regarded as up-market jewellery finishing clasps.

The clasp itself comes in two parts – the box itself and a tongue – the latter is wedge-shaped and slides into the main box, locking it closed.

It’s always handy to have a few of these closures on hand.

Works out that each clasp costs around $0.13 – which makes completing your piece of jewellery much more affordable.

The accompanying photo illustrates what you can expect to receive in your order; however, be mindful that from time to time there may be some minor variations depending on availability.