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465pcs - 3-22mm - Assorted Jewellery Making Base Metal Beads [MF-4]

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Now this collection of metal beads is like a veritable gold mine;  an assortment of beads such as this one belongs in all bead boxes.

These brass-based metal beads can be used to enhance any beading project, be it a necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings or an ankle bangle.

These little beasts help to space out and accentuate feature beads of the jewellery item you are creating; similar to metal bead spacers, these metal beads are also worth their weight in gold – quite literally!!

This collection comprises approximately 465 beads with a centre-drill hole of between 1.5mm-2.5mm in silver, gold, nickel, bronze and brass.

Shapes and sizes vary from 3x22mm elbow tubes to 6x8mm collard nuts, from 5mm and 10mm flying saucers to 6mm cubed bicones or 5mm faceted hexagons to 4x6mm wide mouth ponies.

This collection averages out at a mere $0.06 for each spacer, which in our case – equates to a 70 per cent discount from our former retail price.

The beads are manufactured in the United States and regions throughout Asia.

The accompanying photo illustrates what you can expect to receive in your order; however, be mindful that from time to time there may be some minor variations depending on availability.